Copyright terms

The use of designs included in ARKIVIA BOOKS and
in the CD/DVD is free.

The copyright of the designs belongs to the owner,
who does not transfer an exclusive use.

Include a line,indicating the copyright credit,
everywhere possible.

The republication of this book in part or in whole and
with any kind of medium (paper, CD, DVD, Internet)
is forbidden except by a reviewer who may quote brief
passages in a review.

The creation of designs is
a endless evolving activity.
Any resemblance between the designs in these books
and other designs subject to intellectual-property
copyright results from ignorance of the existence of
said copyright or is purely coincidental.

If, unknown to the author and
the publisher, any design
contained in these books is already registered, they do
not authorize the use of such design by book buyers.

They decline all responsability since they cannot be
aware of all the designs registered or used previous
to this publication in all countries.

Copyright terms

All the designs in
ARKIVIA BOOKS are ready for
production and the use is free.

Those who buy these books can use freely the designs
inside with only 3 reserves:

1-they may not use the designs to produce
books with
the same purpose and may not sell any design in any
way, including through internet or give them away for free.

they may sell their products derived
from these designs
but not the designs themselves.

2-they must respect the destination of
the designs.
So if a design is a texture, a different use is not
authorized, such as a trademark; the same is valid
for characters or graphics suitable for printing on T-shirts
These designs are merely ornamental designs.

3-Mention the copyright © Vincenzo Sguera
with the year
of edition of the book.

Copyright belongs to Vincenzo Sguera
who in this case
cedes the use, apart from the reserves mentioned.

Thus, these designs are
not "copyright free" but "use free".